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Senu Cabs & Tours is a leading provider of transportation services across the country, helping our customers to transport any goods from anywhere in Sri Lanka. We cover a wide range of transportation solutions to offer customizable options to meet the needs of our clients. Our team works closely with our customers to fulfill their core supply chains, from beginning to end, responsibly and confidently.

Our company is mainly engaged in two parts. That is, workmanship and transportation. Includes completed logistics and transportation solutions –

  • Goods Transportation
  • House Moving
  • Office Moving
  • School Moving & etc.



  1. 24/7 services
  2. Security certified drivers
  3. SMS/Email alerts
  4. Estimated delivery time
  5. Over 500 vehicles
  6. 100% customer satisfaction
  • We make it faster.
  • We follow a systematic and collaborative approach.
  • Save you on money by reducing operational expenses.
  • Safe, quick and on-time delivery.

Above all, we have experienced highly skilled, experienced operators, drivers and officers who know how to serve our clients to reduce costs and improve their productivity.

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