Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
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Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service
Colombo Cab/Taxi Service


Colombo Cab/Taxi Service

Dehiwala Van For Hire

Dehiwala lorry For Hire

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Dehiwala Taxi Service

Dehiwala Bus For Hire

Dehiwala Car For Hire

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Dehiwala Cab Service

Colombo Cab/Taxi Service


DEhiwaLA Taxi Service



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Many thanks for choosing us as Senu Cabs & Tours. We would really like to inform you  more information about our company. Dehiwala Taxi Service.

Starting in the Malabe area, our company has been steadily developing over the past 6 years and now provides services throughout the Western Province. It is also open 24 hours a day and can cater to you in four categories: Cars, Vans, Buses and Lorries. We also guarantee a minimum and reasonable price for those of you who receive the service from the company and we are committed to provide the maximum service at a price that suits you.

 We also have over 1000 vehicles under the above four categories and they are located in various cities throughout the Western Province. Some people even use the name ‘Cab Service’ at the beginning of their area. For example ‘Dehiwala Taxi Service, Dehiwala Cab Service’. The Following services can be provided for any area in the Western Province.

* Dehiwala taxi service

* Dehiwala cab service

* Dehiwala van for hire

* Dehiwala bus for hire

*Dehiwala lorry for hire

*Dehiwala to airport drop

If you wish to come to Colombo from outside the Western Province, you can provide any of the above 4 categories of vehicles and you will be charged a small extra fee for fuel.

Also, one of the special privileges we offer you is to create a package that suits your journey. That way, unlike meter taxi companies, you have an accurate idea of the price of your trip. It is also possible to change the package in consultation with the company during the trip, if required. You can also get an accurate understanding of the vehicle you are getting by negotiating and booking a vehicle with a sales promotion officer.

 The most important thing is that the vehicle arrives at your place 15 minutes before the required time for your journey. Think for a moment. How easy is it for you instead of looking for a vehicle with in an app 15 minutes before the trip? And our humble driving team is constantly committed to providing you with a unique service.

 We provide our services both personally and institutionally and many companies in Colombo and several nearby cities are currently availing our services. We also have special offers for companies and you can register with our company and avail those offers for the services you avail from us. Please contact a sales promotion officer for more information.

You can book us by phone as well as through the website. Reservations are also available through the social networks of whatsapp, viber, imo and facebook. The required links are given above. By linking to our pages on the social networking sites youtube and facebook, customers can instantly know about the special offers that are being offered on a daily basis. 

If you are already a vehicle owner, you can contact us under the full-time or part-time service. Please contact a representative of the company.

Finally, thank you for your special understanding of our services and all the details you need to contact us are given below.